Kendall Qualls Releases First TV Ad

Plymouth, Minnesota – The Kendall for Congress Committee today announced the release of its first television ad of the 2020 campaign. The ad, titled “Called,” is backed by a six figure TV buy.
The thirty second ad highlights Kendall’s amazing life story of rising from the housing projects of Harlem, NY and a trailer park in Oklahoma to be the first in his family to graduate from college, his service in the U.S. Army, and his work to bring about racial healing in our country.
“Only in America can someone once called ‘ghetto kid’ and ‘trailer trash’ aspire to serve in the United States Congress, and this ad is a testament that where you came from doesn’t have to be where you end up because of the inherent greatness of our country,” stated Qualls.
The first ad can be seen in its entirety below followed by the full script.

Kendall Qualls “Called” Script
I got off the bus in Harlem … and got mugged…. 

Then moved…to an Oklahoma trailer park…

I’m Kendall Qualls.  First in my family to graduate.

Served my country as an Army artillery officer.  And learned… black or white… we’re all blessed to be born… red, white, and blue. 

I’m Kendall Qualls… I approve this message because only in America…can someone once called ghetto kid and trailer trash… someday be called Congressman.