Kendall Qualls

Candidate for Minnesota’s Third Congressional District

Candidate for Minnesota’s Third Congressional District


“People trust me because I have a strong ‘say-do’ ratio. I follow through on my commitments.”

About Get to know Kendall

Over the course of my life, I’ve been called many things–ghetto kid, trailer trash, veteran, businessman, husband, father–but I never dreamed I’d be called candidate for U.S. Congress. 

As your candidate, I believe it’s important that you know how my personal and professional life have shaped who I am today.

I didn’t have a life of privilege. I grew up in poverty, and success came the old-fashioned way: I had to earn it.


“My faith has guided the important decisions in my life.  I’m not perfect by any means, but my faith has been my ‘true north.’ It’s one of the main reasons I’m so committed to my family.”

Why I'm Running

Minnesotans deserve courageous leaders who are focused, disciplined, and honest; who will take a stand when times are hard.

You deserve leaders who won’t say one thing then throw those promises out the window when they get to Washington.

We face tough problems today, problems I can address in a meaningful way because of my personal and professional experiences.

I’m a leader with both military and corporate experience that is outside the world of politics.

I know how to create a vision and move people toward a goal that is larger than each individual and that transcends racial, economic and gender differences.

With your support and vote, we can create a new vision and chart a new  course for Minnesota and our country.

I’ll put aside partisan game playing and focus on the issues that matter.

And in doing so, we’ll build bridges that will make America better, stronger and more united than ever before.


“We need true and tested leaders to take a stand. I’m willing to endure the mud-slinging and personal attacks in politics for you because leaders take a stand and fight for what is right.”