Ambassador Nikki Haley
U.S. Senator Tim Scott
MN Fraternal Order of Police
House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy
Third Congressional District Republicans
National Right to Life
MCCL Federal Political Action Committee
Freedom Club Federal Political Action Committee
Empower America Project
Bob Savage
Former Congressman Erik Paulsen
Patti Meier – CD3 Chair
Vince Beaudette – CD3 Deputy Chair
Gwen Michael – CD3 Secretary
Max Rymer – CD3 Vice Chair
Debjyoti Dwivedy – CD3 Vice Chair
Carol Wegner – CD3 Vice Chair
Sam Adjei – CD3 Vice Chair
Joe Polunc – Carver County Chair
Norma Friedrichs – SD33 Co-chair
Diane Shelgren – SD33 Co-chair
Lauren Noack – SD34 Chair
Dave Nyce – SD34 Deputy Chair
Craig Harrison – SD34 Executive Committee
Jane Harrison – SD34 Secretary
Nancy Powell – SD35 Deputy Chair
Kenny Richmond – SD36 Chair
Bruce Peterson – SD37 Chair
Ken Wendling – SD37 Deputy Chair
Dave Kyllo – SD44 Chair
Paul Hepperla – SD47 Chair
Andy Moeller – SD48 Chair
Carrie Van Beusekom – SD48 Deputy Chair
Nathan Dull – SD48

MN Fraternal Order of Police Endorsement
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